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Robert Sorby Micro Spindlemaster
Since it's introduction, the Spindlemaster has become the favourite tool of many turners. That is no..
Ex Tax: £17.49
Robert Sorby Roughing Gouges
Spindle Roughing Gouges Also known simply as a roughing gouge. Recommended for the initial turnin..
Ex Tax: £35.79
Robert Sorby Sandmaster
Sandmaster  The Sandmaster is an essential part of every turner's tool kit. It comes..
Ex Tax: £33.29
Robert Sorby Spindlemaster
Taming the skew is perhaps the most common of problems encountered by the woodturner. The digs-ins w..
Ex Tax: £29.12
Robert Sorby Bowl Gouges
Standard Bowl Gouges (Deep Flute)   A must in the tool kit of every bowl turner. Milled f..
Ex Tax: £29.12
Robert Sorby Fingernail Bowl Gouges
Fingernail Bowl Gouges (Deep Flute)   The fingernail shape of this gouge increases flexib..
Ex Tax: £29.12
Robert Sorby Fingernail Spindle Gouge
Fingernail Spindle Gouges   Ideal for fine detailing on spindle work. Having the wing..
Ex Tax: £19.58
Robert Sorby Long and Strong Spindle Gouge
Long and Strong Spindle Gouges   Apart from the length of the blade, the tools are id..
Ex Tax: £27.29
Robert Sorby Standard Spindle Gouge
Standard Spindle Gouges   These are detailing tools used on between-centre work, wher..
Ex Tax: £17.91
Robert Sorby Skew Chisels
Robert Sorby produce more turning tools every year than anyone else. It remains the benchmark by whi..
Ex Tax: £15.82
Robert Sorby Beading and Parting Tool
Beading and Parting Tool     A versatile tool used for parting off as well as pro..
Ex Tax: £27.45
Robert Sorby Bedan Parting Tool
Bedan Parting Tool     Used in the same way as the beading and parting tool, the ..
Ex Tax: £29.95
Robert Sorby Diamond Section Parting Tool
Diamond Section Parting Tool     The special profile of this tool reduces the ris..
Ex Tax: £35.74
Robert Sorby Fluted Parting Tool
Fluted Parting Tool     This parting tool has a flute running along the bottom ed..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Robert Sorby Slim Fluted Parting Tool
Slim Fluted Parting Tool     This features a radically new and unique cutting pro..
Ex Tax: £35.79
Robert Sorby Slim Parting Tool
Slim Parting Tool     The slim blade allows for a very fine parted section to be ..
Ex Tax: £18.29
Robert Sorby Standard Parting Tool
Standard Parting Tool     Used to part the finished project off from the waste ma..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Robert Sorby Ring Tool
Ring Tool   Designed specifically for end grain hollowing. The dual bevels allow for holl..
Ex Tax: £34.95