Dura-GRIT Sanding Drum
  • Dura-GRIT Sanding Drum
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Dura-GRIT Sanding Drum


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13mm(1/2") hollow tip 80 grit sanding drum. Powerful, long lasting cutting and shaping tools with 3.2mm(1/8") shafts that finish as they cut. They have a very long life and the grit will not tear loose. For use on hard and soft woods, fibre, laminates, plastics, carbon fibre, leather, rubber and more. Unique, strong, carbide coated steel shapes, mounted on strong, heavy duty mandrels. Ideal for hobbies and crafts such as modelling, woodcarving, dolls houses, ornaments, decoys, wooden toys, etc.

Key Features

  • Hollow tip 80 grit sanding drum
  • Powerful, long lasting cutting and shaping tool
  • Shafts finish as they cut
  • Grit will not tear loose
  • For use on a variety of materials
  • Ideal for hobbies & crafts

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