Rakoll PVA Woodworking Adhesive 1 Lt
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Weight: 1.50 kg
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Rakoll PVA Woodworking Adhesive


Rakoll® ECO 3 can be used for a wide range of applications within the wood industry, and is particularly suitable for flat lamination of HPL and veneer or paper used in the doors, furniture and parquet flooring industries. Developed to deliver both efficiency and competitiveness, Rakoll® ECO 3 also provides a range of additional benefits to both manufacturers and end-users:


  • No formaldehyde added during the production of Rakoll® ECO 3
  • As a single component adhesive, no mixing machines are needed
  • Single component adhesives reduce the adhesive waste
  • Lower pressing temperatures results in lower energy costs
  • Lower pressing temperatures are gentle to the material being processed
  • Up to 30% less adhesive application compared to adhesives based on UF
  • D3 Waterproof
  • 5 Minute Initial Bond
  • 10 Minute Strong Bond
  • Ideal for Laminating & Veneering BS4071 CreepFailure Tested External / Internal

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