Titebond Instant CA Glues
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​​Titebond Instant CA Glues


Cyanoacrylates (CA) have traditionally been called super glues for their adhesion properties to a wide range of different materials and their effectiveness for unique applications. The Titebond Instant range of CA adhesives covers many different applications; the viscosity and setting times vary according to the chosen product.
The Thin version has a handling time of 5 seconds and a setting time of 3 seconds and is good for running into hairline cracks for repairs and stabilising small sections of timber. The Medium version has a 7 seconds handling time and a setting time of 5 seconds, and would be a more general purpose type of CA glue. 
The Thick version has a 10 seconds handling and 8 seconds set time making it ideal for stabilising porous woods and using with MDF and trimming carpentry components.
The Gel has a 30 seconds handling with a 20 seconds set time and has excellent gap filling properties. Again its performance is very good when used with porous materials. Available in a 56.8g(2oz) bottle with the Medium also available in a 28.4g(1oz) bottle for convenience.

Key Features

  • Titebond Quality and Reliability
  • Incredible strength
  • No Clog Applicator
  • Impact Resistant
  • Four consistences to suit almost any application
  • Available in a 56.8g(2oz) bottle, Medium also available in a 28.4g(1oz) bottle


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