Record Power BM16-PK/A Sliding Table Morticer Package Deal
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Product Code: Record Power BM16-PK/A
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Weight: 46.00 kg
Size (LxWxH): 30.00 cm x 27.00 cm x 70.00 cm

Record Power BM16-PK/A Sliding Table Morticer Package Deal


The BM16 is a compact bench mounted morticer, introducing new levels of accuracy, ease of use and industrial features at an affordable price.

The table is finely ground cast iron and moves smoothly and effortlessly front to back and side to side on machined dovetail slides. To ensure unsurpassed accuracy, the slides are fully adjustable using the easily accessible gib strips. An important feature of the table is the heavy and solid clamp, the likes of which are usually only seen on more industrial machines, which holds workpieces extremely securely, ensuring no movement during operation. The clamp is also repositionable, allowing a wide range of timber sizes to be accommodated.
Movement of the chisel is similarly smooth and accurate, with a gas spring and dovetail slides, which feature adjustable gib strips, allowing cuts to be made with ease and precision.
To further increase accuracy and speed of use, the BM16 also features sideways movement stops as well as vertical movement stops. These stops allow the depth and width of mortices to be set in order to achieve consistent results again and again. 

Adjustable Gib Strips

These are fitted to the column and the tables in both forward/reverse and lateral movement systems. Also features locking bolts when the table needs to be kept securely in one position.

Adjustable Gib Strips


Gas Springs

Gas springs provide smooth movement and help the headstock return to position.

Gas Springs


Cast Iron Clamp

With 3 sets of holes in the table and slots on the clamp base, a wide range of positions can be set to accommodate different widths of workpiece.

Cast Iron Clamp


Sliding Table

A rack and pinion system provides easy lateral movement and features machined dovetail slides for accuracy.

Sliding Table


Easy Access

The chuck is easily accessible from the side of the headstock making changing the bits a quick and simple procedure.

Easy Access


Precision Adjustment

Front to back and side to side movement are controlled with two separate handwheels, precision engineered for optimum accuracy.

Precision Adjustment


Sliding Table:Sliding Table

Reverse Fork Fence:Reverse Fork Fence

Rotation for Unlimited Capacity:Rotation for Unlimited Capacity

Headstock Adjustable for Wear:Headstock Adjustable for Wear

Adjustable Gib Strips:Adjustable Gib Strips

Rack & Pinion Rise & Fall:Rack & Pinion Rise & Fall

Gas Struts:Gas Struts

Cabinet Stand:Cabinet Stand


Maximum Workpiece Height:120 mm

Maximum Workpiece Depth:130 mm

Maximum Chisel Stroke:70 mm

Chuck Capacity:13 mm

Chisel Capacity:6 - 16 mm

Table Size:180 x 157 mm

Motor:1/2 hp

Weight:46 kg

Size:H700 x W270 x D300 mm


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