Chestnut Lemon Oil
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Lemon Oil

Typical uses

A very low build, near matt oil based on lemongrass oil with a lovely lemon aroma. Can be used on most turned work and inside boxes and drawers for a fresh clean smell (will need replenishing)

Method of application

Brush or cloth

Drying time

Within two hours under normal conditions.


approx. 6-8 m² per litre.


Sealers should not be used with this product. WoodWax 22 may be used on top of this product.


This product gives a very subtle, matt finish and is very easy to use.


White Spirit (not normally required)

Safety Considerations

Cloths used for application must be laid flat to dry before disposal or kept in a screw capped glass jar (see Safety Data Sheet or warnings on can for full details).

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