Chestnut Shellac Sanding Sealer
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Shellac Sanding Sealer

Typical uses

To seal the open pores of wood before applying a finish coat. Can be left as topcoat if required for a low sheen finish but is not hardwearing. Particularly useful when working on large areas (cabinetwork etc) when a large area is to be covered.

Method of application

Brush, cloth or spray.

Drying time

Within 20 minutes


6 - 10m² per litre


Can be used under Friction Polish, French Polish and Waxes.


Do not overbrush as this can cause most of the sealing compound to collect at one end. Lightly sand once dry for a silk smooth finish. Conforms to EN71 for use on toys.


Methylated Spirits

Safety Considerations

Highly Flammable (see Safety Data Sheet or warnings on can for full details).

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