Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer
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Acrylic Lacquer

A water based lacquer which can be used either straight onto bare wood or over Chestnut Products’ Acrylic or Cellulose Sanding Sealers.

The omission of the Sanding Sealer will require extra coats of lacquer to be applied. 

This is a quick drying and very hard wearing product.

Acrylic Lacquer

Typical uses

A gloss finish, water-based lacquer which gives a very hard-wearing finish.

Method of application

Foam Brush, Brush, cloth or spray.

Drying time

Within twenty minutes under normal conditions.


approx. 8-10 m² per litre.


Can be used over Acrylic Sanding Sealer and Cellulose Sanding Sealer. Once dried, Burnishing Cream or WoodWax 22 may be used on top of this product.


Thinning may be required when applying over a large area. Acrylic finishes have a tendency to ‘froth-up’ when applied; to reduce this we recommend the use of our Foam Brushes. Not suitable for exterior use. Conforms to EN71 for use on toys



Safety Considerations


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