Startrite SD31/UK1-PK/A Heavy Duty Cast Iron Planer Thicknesser
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Weight: 175.00 kg
Size (LxWxH): 74.50 cm x 140.70 cm x 100.50 cm




Startrite SD31/UK1-PK/A Heavy Duty Planer Thicknesser

The Startrite SD31 is a compact yet extremely accurate, powerful and easy to use industrial Planer Thicknesser. It has been designed to offer serious home users and smaller professional workshops a high performance solution for accurate dimensioning of timber.
One of the key features of the SD31 is its parallel table lift design. Changeover from planing to thicknessing mode is fast and easy - Simply loosen the cam action table locks and lift the entire table assembly, including the fence, in one movement. The tables themselves are heavily ribbed and made from cast iron, giving more than adequate support for even the heaviest timbers. In addition they are an impressive 1400 mm in length - Ideal for planing long timbers accurately.
For a smooth, superior finish, the cutter block has 3 knives and the outfeed roller is rubber coated to reduce marking of the timber as it is fed from the machine.
The thicknessing bed is mounted to a heavy duty central column for excellent support. The bed is easily adjusted using the large hand wheel to the side of the machine and there is also a table lock mechanism to eliminate any play, aiding the accuracy of the cut.
Easy to use, powerful and accurate, the SD31 gives professional performance and results in a compact and cost effective package.
Fence tilts to 45º

Fence tilts to 45º

The fence can be quickly tilted to 45º with the simple to use fence mount system.


3 Knife Cutter Block

3 Knife Cutter Block

A proven industrial design, the 3 knives of the cutter block ensure a smooth finish


Dust Hood Retention Catch for Safety

Dust Hood Retention Catch for Safety

This catch eliminates the risk of the dust being accidentally removed and therefore exposing the blades.


Easy to Use Cam Action Table Lock

Easy to Use Cam Action Table Lock

The tables are locked in place in seconds with the easily accessible lock levers.


SD31-DR Digital Readout

SD31-DR Digital Readout

Easy to upgrade digital readout accurately shows position of the thicknessing table.


Parallel Table Lift

Parallel Table Lift

Fast and easy changeover for improved work flow.


SD31-W Jockey Bar Wheel Kit

SD31-W Jockey Bar Wheel Kit

For easy movement of the SD31 around the workshop.



Jockey Bar Wheel Kit:Jockey Bar Wheel Kit


Tilting Fence:Tilting Fence

Cast Iron Tables:Cast Iron Tables

Swing Away Table:Swing Away Table

Rubber Out-Feed Rollers :Rubber Out-Feed Rollers

Central Thicknessing Column:Central Thicknessing Column

Independent In & Out Feed Table Adjustment:Independent In & Out Feed Table Adjustment

Wheel Kit Included:Wheel Kit Included


Thicknesser Feed Rate:7 Metres / Minute

Cutter Block Knives:3

Cutter Block Diameter:70 mm

Maximum Thicknessing Height:230 mm

Maximum Thicknessing Width:310 mm

Maximum Thicknesser Depth of Cut:3

Maximum Planing Width:310 mm

Maximum Planer Depth of Cut:3 mm

Planing Table Length:1407 mm


Weight:175 kg

Size:W1407 mm x D745 mm x H1005 mm



Cutterblock Diameter 70 MM - 3 KNIVES
Extraction Outlet 100 MM
Feed Speed 7 M/MIN
Max Depth of Cut Planer - 3MM Thicknesser - 3MM
Max Planing Width 310 MM
Max Thickness Capacity 230 MM
Number of Knives 3 HSS (Re-Sharpenable)
Power 2.2 KW
Table Size 1407 MM
Weight 175 KG

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