Cmt Alloy Euro 100 Cutterblock with Limiters
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Product Code: Cmt Alloy Euro 100 Cutterblock with Limiters
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Technical details:

DIA: 100mm

BORE: 30mm

CUTTER HEIGHT 40mm or 50mm

RPM: 5500 - 8400

- Hard aluminum alloy cutter head with limiters, highly resistant to tensile and yield stress
- Pair of universal straight knives
- Tool for manual feed
- Pins for the automatic positioning of the knives
- Possibility to use knives with a height of 40mm or 50mm

Made in compliance with EN 847-1

Supplied in a solid plastic box to contain up to 12 couples of knives.

Spindle Moulder Tooling
Bore Size 30 MM
Diameter 100 MM
Max Cutting Height 40/50 MM This Cutter Block will accept both 40 & 50MM Euro cutters and limiters

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