CamVac CGV286-2
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The 'big green' cleaning machines A FIRM FAVOURITE WITH WOODTURNERS

Camvac CGV286-2


Responding to the demands of the serious Hobbyist and the smaller professional workshop Camvac designed and put into production this unit that answers the problems of other units currently available in the UK. Very popular with Woodturners, the unit can be placed close to the lathe and used with the optional poseable hose, 'which is stayput'. This sits immediately behind the workpiece to capture the very finest of dust when turning and sanding, Not forgetting its immense power for other machinery,general woodworking and cleaning up.

The GV286-2 has 2.5" inlet size, and is powered by the Two high performance 1000watt 2 stage vacuum turbines as found in all the dry use Camvac machines. Air filtration is via the Camvac standard 3-stage 0.5-micron system, this level of filtration provides users with a level of safety far in advance of other dust collection systems. Waste collection is 36 Litres. Please note; all Camvac images do not include hoses as shown, please see dust extraction accessories for further details.

To allow our customers the freedom to customise their system to meet their own unique requirements, please note that all Camvac machines are priced as machine units only, with all hoses, tools, casters and trolleys supplied as Optional Extras


Acoustic Outlet

The acoustic outlet effectively reduces noise during operation when the optional 2 1/2” hose is fitted

Acoustic Outlet


Three Stage Filtration

The drum filter and motor filters give 3 stage filtration for fine dust.

Three Stage Filtration


Cyclonic Inlet

The unique cyclonic inlet directs the waste away from the filters and gives excellent suction.

Cyclonic Inlet



Dust extractors
Air Flow 222 CFM
Filtration 3 Stage to 0.5 Microns
Hose Diameter 63.5 MM
Power 2000W - Twin Motor x 2.5" Inlet
Vacuum 2080 MM

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