Mafell LNF20 Biscuit Jointer
  • Mafell LNF20 Biscuit Jointer
  • Mafell LNF20 Biscuit Jointer
  • Mafell LNF20 Biscuit Jointer
  • Mafell LNF20 Biscuit Jointer
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Mafell LNF20 Buscuit Jointer


Now with extra features…and all conveniently integrated in the MAXELL-MAX. Ideal for the biscuit jointing fanatics amongst you!

One turn of the revolving depth control turret adjusts the tool to all conventional flat dowel sizes.

The tilt stop can be fixed with detents of 0°, 22.5°, 45°, and 67.5° up to 90°.

Torsion-free cast angle stop and height adjustment make your work easier while 2 sturdy adjusting bolts keep your setting constant even after your 100th cut.

All you need is “on board” in the MAX: practical containers for your dowels, space for the optional pitch pocket cutter, anti-slip mat and of course your LNF 20.

• Ergonomic design.
• Complete set of accessories.
• Double column guide for height adjustment – ensures exact, torsion-free adjustment.
• With above average 750 watt (1 hp) rating – for professional continuous use.
• The on/off switch is easily and conveniently operated with your thumb – for right-handed and left-handed users.


Application area

  • Cutting slots for biscuits
  • Cutting slots for wood patches
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, board and carcass materials

Mitred joints with the LNF 20.

the mafell lnf20 in use


Groove height adjustment via revolving depth control turret or via scale.

the mafell lnf20 in use


The LNF 20 is supplied in the practical MAFELL MAX.

the mafel lnf20 in use


Optional accessory for the LNF 20: Pitch pocket cutter,Ref. No. 091793

the mafell lnf20 in use


Supplied with:

• 1 disk cutter, TCT, 100 x 4 x 22 mm (315/16 x 3/16 x 7/8 in.), 6 teeth
Ref. No. 076905
• 1 ejection pipe, mounted
Ref. No. 076954
• 1 hose connector
Ref. No. 076955
• 1 dust bag cpl.
Ref. No. 076956
• 1 screwdriver for recessed- head screws
Ref. No. 093283
• 1 face pin spanner
Ref. No. 093119

Biscuit Jointers
Power 750 W
Blade Speed 9,800 Rpm
Cutting Depth 19 MM
Tilt Range 0 - 90 Degrees
Blade Size 100 MM
Weight 3.1 KG
Cutting Speed 28.7 m/s

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