Robert Sorby 5 Piece Set in Tool Roll
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Five Piece Turning Tool Set in a Leather Roll

A five piece tool set with Robert Sorby branded leather tool roll, provides the turner with a ready to go first class set of tools and storage facility that will keep tools in top condition when travelling to club or chapter meetings. This set is the same as the 67HS but does not include the skew. The leather tool roll offers six pockets so turners can choose their own sixth tool. Comes with tool storage and protection advice.

Set Includes:

  • 843H ¾" Spindle roughing gouge - turns square to round
  • 840H ⅜" Spindle gouge - puts detail on spindles
  • 842H ⅜" Bowl gouge - a must for anyone wanting to turn bowls
  • 830H ⅛" Parting tool - for parting off work at the end and also adding detail
  • 820H ½" Round nose scraper - just the job for bowls and platters
The beautifully crafted, hand stitched leather tool roll has been made with the finest hide, nylon strap and D ring make securing tools quick and easy. Sourced locally from Sheffield.

 Robert Sorby 5 Piece Set in Tool Roll     Robert Sorby 5 Piece Set in Tool Roll     Robert Sorby 5 Piece Set in Tool Roll     Robert Sorby 5 Piece Set in Tool Roll     Robert Sorby 5 Piece Set in Tool Roll

Robert Sorby produce more turning tools every year than anyone else. It remains the benchmark by which all others are judged. Without tools of high quality no woodturner can give of his best. Throughout the world, the name Robert Sorby is synonymous with all that is good in woodturning. It is a reputation which has been built up over 200 years.

And what sets Robert Sorby apart from other brands?

  • Firstly, all Robert Sorby tools are produced in our own factory - not sourced second-hand as many do today
  • Our tools are specifically produced for turners who understand the nuances of the craft
  • The range of tools offered is unsurpassed with patterns available for all applications and some which remain exclusive to Robert Sorby
  • This level of quality is underpinned by scrupulous product testing which ensures each tool leaving the factory has been individually tested
  • Robert Sorby are leaders in product innovation and design. Over the last few years we have introduced a wide selection of new products like the Hollowmaster, Multi Tip Hollowing Tool, Spindlemaster, Stebcentre, and Universal Sharpening System
  • All tools carry a no-quibble guarantee
Robert Sorby Chisels
Bowl Gouge Standard Gouge Standard Gouge A must in the tool kit of every bowl turner. Milled from round bar, giving both mass and stability. These tools are ideal for making bowls. They can produce either massive profiling cuts or delicate as necessary.
Spindle Gouges Standard Gouge These are detailing tools used on between-center work, where the grain is running parallel to the bed bars.They are used to create coves, beads and other profiles on goblets, vases and egg cups.
Roughing Gouges Roughing Gouges Recommended for the initial turning of un even of square stock to round. The shape of the roughing-out gouge enables the tool to cut safely with the wings (the name given to the tips of the side walls) well back from the workpiece. Roughing gouges must not be used on bowl projects.
Parting Tool - Standard Standard Used to part the finished project off from the waste material, the parrellel sides make for a rigid tool that handles well. The 1/8" -3mm tool reduces the amount of waste, vital if the timber is an expensive, exotic one. It also makes for a fine detailing tool, e.g. beads and fillets.
Scrapers - Round Nose Scraper Used on bowls and spindle work to create smooth flowing curves e.g goblets, egg cups, and inside boxes.

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