Charnwood W616 Sawbench
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Product Code: Charnwood W616 Sawbench
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Weight: 39.00 kg
Size (LxWxH): 950.00 cm x 1,080.00 cm x 1,000.00 cm

W616 10'' Tables Saw with floorstand & side extensions 


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  • Flat Aluminium Extruded Table
  • Removable Left And Right Extension Tables
  • Long Rear Extension for Rip Work
  • Powerful 1800w Motor
  • Belt Drive System For Noise Reduction
  • Quick Action Lock On Rip Fence
  • Scale Magnifier On Rip Fence
  • T-Slot Sliding Mitre Fence
  • Floorstand Included
  • Push Stick Included
  • Dust kit Included
  • Runs on Any Standard 13amp Supply

    The large table surface area on this machine is made up of the main table, a removable table at the rear and two side extensions. All are manufactured from extruded aluminium to ensure flatness. So that this saw will not take up valuable workshop space when not in use, the two side extension tables can be removed which takes only seconds.
    Greater cutting accuracy is obtained by using a belt drive system between motor and blade. This allows the blade to be mounted on a solid bearing guided spindle. The secondary effect of the belt drive is much quieter running than with the traditional geared type of saw seen in superstores.
    The 1800w motor gives a 3" cutting depth and the ripping fence goes out to 17" which is a big capacity for a saw in this price range.
    The inclusion of a FREE dust extraction kit allows dust to be collected from both the saw guard and below the table from a single 40mm connection. It is highly recommended that a dust extractor, such as our model W680, is used at all times with this saw to prevent the build up of dust and chips inside the collection hood.

    Supplied with left and right removable extension tables, rear extension table, floorstand, mitre fence adjustable 45 degrees each way, dust extraction kit with 40mm diameter outlet, 24 tooth TCT blade, push stick, cable and plug.

Blade Speed
Extraction Outlet 100 MM
Power 2.5 Horse Power
Table Height
Blade Dia/Bore 254/30 MM
Blade Tilt 90 - 45 Degrees
Max Cut @ 90 Degree 75 MM
Max Cut @ 45 Degrees 60 MM
Max Rip With Extension 450 MM
Table Size 440 x660 MM 950 x 1060 MM With extensions
Weight 39 KG

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