Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck - Direct Thread
  • Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck - Direct Thread
  • Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck - Direct Thread
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 Patriot Chuck - Solid Body with Dedicated thread size 

Our Price is £175.00 Inc VAT, and FREE DELIVERY to MAINLAND UK


Like all Robert Sorby tools the Patriot is proudly manufactured in Britain. 

Fitted with smooth action 2" (50mm) jaws which have internal and external dovetail and gripper teeth to ensure work is held more securely.

It also supplied with a screw chuck and an insert* which enable it to fit the vast majority of woodworking lathes.

- compact design which does not strain lathe bearings yet is ideal for all sizes of project
- inserted system so there is a size to fit almost every lathe
- all jaws are perfectly matched so there is no need for tiresome number matching
- the single key operation with positive location requires only the lightest of touches
- key is articulated to allow access behind large projects
- true compression angles on drive and driven gear ensure smooth operation every time
- jaws stops prevent slides from working loose
- wide selection of useful jaws give additional versatility
- jaws dovetailed on inside and outside face
- additional serrated teeth on jaws give extra grip (see below)
- enclosed back protects gearing against dust
- backplate is removable for easy maintenance and cleaning
- comes complete with 2" jaws and woodscrew
- English instruction manual supplied

As we were starting with a clean sheet of paper, there were no compromises in the design of this new chuck.

These chucks are all made in Sheffield, England and come with unrivalled Robert Sorby after-sales service. 

Available thread sizes
¾" x 16 7/8" x 16 1" x 8
1.1/4" x 8 1" x 10 1" x 12
¾" x 10 1" x 10 left hand 7/8" x 12 left hand
1.1/8 x 12 1.3/8" x 6 1.1/2" x 6 (Direct Thread)
1.1/2" x 8 18mm x 2.5 20mm x 1.5
20mm x 2 25mm x 2 24mm x 3
30mm x 1.5 30mm x 3.5 33mm x 3.5 (Direct Thread)
Lathe Chucks
Body Depth 50 MM
Body Diameter 100 MM

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