Charnwood W590 Planer Thicknesser

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Charnwood W590 Planer Thicknesser

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  • Precision Ground Cast Iron Beds

  • 4hp, 240v Induction Motor

  • 3 Knife Cutterblock for Superior Finish

  • 12” Planing Capacity

  • 12” x 9” Thicknessing Capacity

  • Rubber Coated Outfeed Roller

  • 100mm diameter Dust Extraction Outlet

  • Optional Wheel Base Available

Long precision ground cast iron beds help to ensure accurate planing up to 12′ wide. The Aluminium fence is over 1 metre in length, can be tilted to 45 degrees and can be moved across the cutterblock to extend the life of the blades when working with narrower timber. A lever located at the end of the infeed bed adjusts the planing depth between 0 and 3mm reading from the large scale.

The outstanding feature of this machine is that both planing tables are hinged and lift together as one. In addition to that, the planing fence can be left in place so that changing function from planing to thicknessing is quick and easy. Once the table had been raised, it locks into position and the cutter guard swings into place. The whole operation takes only seconds.

A large handwheel adjusts the thicknessing bed height with a scale marked out in mm and a lock to ensure accuracy when machining a batch of components. In addition we include a micro adjuster to set the thicknesser height to an accuracy of 0.1mm.

The drive mechanism for the thicknesser can be disengaged during planing operations to save wear & tear on those moving parts.

Supplied with 100mm dust extraction outlet, 4 adjustable feet, 16amp industrial plug (round blue type)
Requires a 16amp electric supply.



Surfacing width                                                   305mm (12″)

Length of surfacing tables                               1290mm

Maximum depth of cut                                      3mm

Fence tilt                                                                 90 – 45 degrees

Table height                                                           850mm

Thicknessing capacity                                       5-230mm (1/4″-9″)

Length of thicknessing table                          545mm

Feed speed                                                            7m/min

Maximum depth of cut                                    4.5mm

Cutterblock speed                                             5500rpm

Number of knives                                              3

Motor ( induction)                                            3000w (4hp), 240v

Dimensions (WxDxH)                                     1290mm x 1000mm x 600mm

Weight                                                                   210kg

Rating                                                                    Trade

Warranty                                                              1 Year

Additional information

Weight 0.00 kg
Dimensions 108.50000000 × 100.00000000 × 60.00000000 cm
Max Planing Width

Max Thickness Capacity

Feed Speed

Cutterblock Speed

Number of Knives


Max Depth of Cut

Table Size

Extraction Outlet


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