Colt Wood turning Starter Set


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Colt Wood turning Starter Set

Great introduction to the quality of the Forstner bits by Colt. This kit includes what you need for salt and pepper mills and also ideal for drilling holes to start hollow form vases and other deep forms. It effortlessly cuts through end and cross grain with speed and accuracy.

3 piece set including

  • 2MT Colt MaxiCut® RotaStop® adapter
  • 150mm Colt MaxiCut® RotaStop® extension
  • 1.1/16” (27mm) Colt MaxiCut® RotaStop®

MaxiCut®’s unique and patented cutting head design guarantees the fastest cutting performance compared to any other Forstner Bit. MaxiCut® will continue to cut clean holes longer after all others have stopped working. Manufactured in Germany from the finest raw material which permits ultimate sharpness and maximum tool life. The centre point is self-cutting and offers no resistance as it cuts through the wood ahead of the main cutters. Asymmetrical chip breakers reduces particle build up into chips, rather than swirls, which are easily removed. The combination of the self-cutting centre point and the chip breakers reduces the heat development dramatically and prolongs sharpness. The side cutters are relieved to enable you to re-sharpen yourself with it, eventually, becomes dull. The unique Colt® MaxiCut® cutting head design works equally well in side grain, end grain, will handle all types of wood even the hardest of hard woods.

RotaStop® is a unique tool less locking shank system that eliminates the risk of rotation in the chuck. RotaStop® automatically locks into any chuck and eliminates the possibility of rotation, which can lead to damage on the shank. RotaStop® will also lock and unlock quickly and easily in a MaxiCut® Extension Rod, which is available in three lengths; 90mm, 150mm, and 270mm. The Extension Rod shank also has the RotaStop® design, which can be fitting into a chuck or into one of the MaxiCut® Morse Taper Adapters.



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