Dura-Grit Carbide Cutting Wheel

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Dura-Grit Carbide Cutting Wheel

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The 38mm diameter Dura-Grit CW5 is a strong and durable steel wheel, with aggressive 60-grit carbide

on both its edge.

The CW5 has a thin kerf making it fast and very effective when cutting a huge variety of materials.

The CW5 has a maximum cutting depth of 16mm. The wheel comes mounted on an extra strong 3mm steel mandrel.

The coarse grit surface removes material rapidly, with virtually no chipping. A real problem solver, its small size allows you to cut or trim in confined or hard to reach spaces. The CW5 cuts wood, composites, laminates, plastics such as ABS or PVC plumbing pipes, fibreglass, carbon fibre and many more materials.

  • Strong and durable carbide cutting wheel
  • Narrow kerf, fast cutting 38mm diameter
  • Mounted on an extra strong, steel mandrel
  • #60 carbide grit; permanently bonded
  • 16mm depth of cut in wide variety of materials
  • Virtually zero chipping
  • Trim and cut in hard to reach places

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