Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Wax – Black

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Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Waxes

These embellishing waxes add that something extra to open grained woods such as Oak and Ash. Currently, there are five to choose from in the range: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black and White.

After turning and sanding, and perhaps colouring, clean the grain with a brass brush then rub your wax of choice into the grain of the wood. Wait for it to dry, then buff off leaving the surface with a good shine and white or black grain patterns. You can then lightly overcoat it with Hampshire Sheen Microcrystalline for an even brighter, tougher finish. The carnauba and microcrystalline waxes are tough and hard wearing. In testing, no amount of hard rubbing with finger tips or cloth could remove the finish easily. For use on decorative wood only.

And introducing Electric Green and Blue Embellishing Waxes – bold and exciting additions to a creative turner’s finishing arsenal.

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