Jet DC1100A Extractor with Fine Filter Cartridge


  • Industrial quality motor, 1,620 m³/hr airflow @ 150mm
  • Unique “Vortex” cone waste separation design, keeps the filter cleaner
  • Choice of 1 x 150mm or 2 x 100mm inlets, easily fits most machines
  • Wheeled base for mobility around the workshop
  • Upgraded with a 1 micron filter cartridge and 5 collection bags
  • Uses waste sack size – 785 x 940mm (410241)
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JET DC1100A EXTRACTOR  with Fine Filter Cartridge

This ruggedly made extractor is designed for extended workshop use. Offering industrial quality construction and exceptional wood chip and sawdust extraction, it is large enough for a 300mm planer or many other workshop machines. Fitted with a high efficiency steel fan and the unique “Vortex” cone design which maintains a high collection performance by preventing premature clogging of the filter. This works by separating the waste from the airflow, diverting the waste into the collecting bag. The base is fitted with castors for total mobility around the workshop. The 150mm inlet is fitted with a twin branch 100mm adaptor, allowing connection to either one or two machines. This machine can be upgraded to handle finer dusts with the addition of a 1 micron filter cartridge. Supplied with a pack of five collection bags and a 30 micron filter bag. Supplied without a hose. Please note this machine uses waste sack size – 785 x 940mm (410241). May require 16A supply

Industrial quality motor, 1620 m³/hr airflow @ 150mm



Airflow – 1,100 m³/hr @ 100 mm / 1,620 m³/hr @ 150 mm
Bag Capacity – 200 litre
Filter Performance – 30 micron with bag / 1 micron with fine filter cartridge
Hose Diameter – 1 x 150 mm or 2 x 100 mm
Model – DC-1100A
Nett Weight – 71 kg
Overall L x W x H – 940 mm x 510 mm x 1,830 mm
Power – 1.1 kW
Rating – Trade
Sound Power Level [Uncertainty K] – 80 dB(A) [3.0 dB] Static Pressure – 1,700 Pa
Voltage – 230 V


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Weight 0.00000000 kg
Dimensions 94.00000000 × 51.00000000 × 183.00000000 cm


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