J-Flex Cloth Backed Abrasive – Wood Turners Mixed Pack


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J-Flex Cloth Backed Abrasive – Wood Turners Mixed Pack


J-Flex cloth backed abrasive is a very flexible Aluminium Oxide sanding cloth that is loved by wood workers, wood turners and fabricators.

This cloth backed abrasive has a resin bonded grit which is hard wearing and doesn’t split or crack, resulting in a longer lifespan and a superior finish.

The cloth back makes it very strong yet easy to tear or cut.

The close grit pattern helps to reduce clogging. The cloth backing helps to reduce the heat build up.

We supply the cloth backed abrasive in 1 metre lengths, 4″ wide and in mixed packs – 1 meter of each grit.

This abrasive is extremely flexible and is a must for the woodturner especially when spindle turning or for work with fine detailing.

  • Woodturners Packs; 120 / 150 / 180 / 240 / 320 / 400 / 600 Grits – 1 Meter of each Grit

Properties Applications 

Bonding agent; Resin

Grain; Aluminium oxide

Coating; Close

Backing; JF-cotton

Suitable for; Stainless steel, Steel, Metals, NF metals, Wood 

Advantages: High-quality universal abrasive cloth – Optimal adaptation to work piece contours – Tears off cleanly and easily from the roll

Additional information

Weight 1.00000000 kg
Dimensions 100.00000000 × 10.00000000 × 0.00000000 cm

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