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Narex are a quality European tool manufacturer who have experience in tool making for nearly 100 years. The range is extensive, from chisels, to screwdriver bits. Here at TOMACO, we are very proud to be associated with a quality brand with a quality range. With the success of the range we have taken, we are expanding the range over the coming months, so keep checking our website for more information

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The History of NAREX

Pohled na Narex v roce 1938The hand tool production in Bystrice u Benesova dates back to 1919, when the manufacturer Vaclav Richter founded a factory producing quality tools for woodworking. The business grew from its small beginnings to a company of European and world renown. In subsequent years, the business continued to expand with development not interrupted even by the 2nd World War, when the factory worked on two-shifts. Several organizational changes took place after the nationalization in 1948 and the factory was associated with a newly established national company Naradi Praha (subsequently called Narex Praha) as an independent plant in 1958.
Rapid manufacturing development doubled the production by 1970. A new business name and registered trade mark Narex was established. The brand had come to stay in both domestic and international markets. At the time of the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the factory was at its peak both in production and number of employees.

Pohled na Narex v roce 1938Thereafter the political situation and the subsequent social development brought a significant change.Individual plants within the national company Narex Praha gained independence and were turned into public limited companies. The plant in Bystrice became Narex Bystrice a.s. A privatization process, which completed in 1994, followed and NAREX BYSTRICE s.r.o. was established. Under the trademark NAREX, the company joined the ranks of major domestic and international hand tools producers. More than 40% of the production is regularly exported worldwide, with customers for our tools in 45 countries. In recent years, technical development has taken place in both screwdriver and chisel production. As result, the quality of blades has increased, the shapes of the handles have been modified to become ergonomic, and the products have been given a modern design.
NAREX BYSTRICE s.r.o. will celebrate 90 years of tools production in 2009.


Pohled na Narex v roce 1938The collection offered by NAREX BYSTRICE s.r.o. is comprised of hand tools, consisting predominantly of screwdrivers and woodworking chisels. Ninety years of hand tool production has led to improvements in quality, through the use of superior materials, advanced heat treatment and also from the development of the tools’ design. The incoming raw material is checked carefully, to ensure that the output is a high quality product – a hand tool for a wide spectrum of craftsmen. Consistent monitoring of manufacturing processes and the final quality control inspection guarantee customers’ satisfaction. The quality of all PROFI screwdrivers is underpinned by a close cooperation with a German company SKG. The top quality of “PROFI” tools is underpinned by compliance with DIN ISO standards, upon which our whole production is based. These standards guarantee the hardness, toughness and accuracy of the working part of our screwdrivers and chisels.

Pohled na Narex v roce 1938Amongst our woodworking chisels, our customers can choose between bevel edge chisels, gouges, carving chisels, plugging chisels and woodturning chisels. Other assorted hand tools are offered such as; drifts, punches, mallets, planes, axes, cold chisels, leather punches, and others.