Mafell Power Tools

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Mafell AG is a manufacturer of high-end woodworking power tools specialized for carpentry, founded in 1899. They are the inventor of the first portable electric carpentry power tool, a chain mortiser invented in 1926. The company is located in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany

Here at MAFELL, we often adopt a new approach in our quest to develop better machines. We take a fresh look and reconsider the crucial aspects of the tool concerned. And we always give due consideration to the future needs of the woodworking trades.

Time and again, together with outstanding material and build quality, our strategy spawns astounding solutions. We thus continuously enhance functionality and user-friendliness, for example. We strive to ensure that, while you are working, you no longer need to give the tool a second thought. Simply because MAFELL has already done the thinking for you. You focus on your job – and as far as everything else is concerned:

Creating excellence