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Mafell P1CC Precision Jigsaw – (917 121 / 917 122)
C/W the Mafell Maxi Case – 240v / 110v


The P1 cc: exactly the right saw for you. Brilliant results every time.


The concept
From time to time, even proven solutions need to be reexamined in the interests of progress. That’s exactly what we did in this case. We set out to build a jig saw that operated much more precisely than was previously conceivable. The outcome is the innovative P1 cc. It is a jig saw that heralds in a new era as regards precision, power and ease of use. It is exactly the right tool for all those who seek to achieve uncompromising quality in their work.

The motor
Precision is also a question of power. That’s why the P1 cc is equipped with a CUprex compact motor that delivers 900 Watt of power and consistently high speeds thanks to intelligent digital electronics. Even when executing long cuts. In addition, when fitted with MAFELL sawblades, the P1 cc offers cutting depths in the range from 64 to 114 millimeters.

Technical solution
At the heart of the P1 cc concept is an entirely new CUmax sawblade clamping system. In conjunction with the power of the CUprex compact motor, strong sole plate and MAFELL CUnex precision sawblade, it ensures perfectly square cuts even when working with a rail over long distances. A further benefit is provided by the absence of guide jaws: the lack of friction and associated high temperatures eliminates the risk of blade deformation. Friction-induced heat, which can cause deformation of the sawblade, cannot arise because the clamping system is designed entirely without guiding elements.

Uninterrupted view
The P1 cc is a compelling proposition in view of its outstanding user-friendliness. Among the features offering enhanced user benefits is dust extraction directly alongside the sawblade. In addition, sophisticated self-extraction and a clever integrated blower that conveys chips to the rear of the machine keep the mark free from chips at all times. The workplace therefore remains clean and the mark visible, even if a dust extractor is not connected.

Application range
Its intelligent accessories give the P1 cc unprecedented versatility. The innovative design of the new MAFELL precision sawblade CUnex W1, in particular, facilitates extremely precise sawing. With an assortment of no fewer than 11 different sawblades, the P1 cc is suitable for cutting wood, laminates, plastic, metal, timber containing metal, gypsum, melamine resin panels (Trespa) and fiber-cement board (Eternit). Its compatibility with the MAFELL F guide rail system makes certain of even greater precision. A further advantage lies in a single accessories that offers the functionality of a circular cutter, parallel fence and guide rail adapter.

The P1 cc is a winner on every count.
The five main reasons are …

1.    More power

Continuously variable speed
For exact adjustment to suit the material, the speed can be varied in the range 800 to 3000 strokes/min.

CUprex motor
The high-performance 900W CUprex compact motor delivers consistent speeds, even when executing deep cuts.

2.    More flexibility

Rail compatibility
For exactly straight cuts, the P1 cc, complete with sole plate, can be used on the MAFELL F guide rail.

Separate tilting plate
In the interests of a standard sole plate capable of ensuring absolutely square cuts, a separate tilting plate was developed for making angled cuts. It is used for sawing bevel cuts up to +/- 45°.

Multi-purpose parallel fence Versatile use:
1. Parallel fence
2. Compasses
3. Auxiliary rest
4. Rail adapter

3.    More precision

New CUmax sawblade clamping system
A vertically acting spring forces the wedge (red) against the blade (yellow) to ensure a positive fit. The wedge is self-locking and can be released only by means of the lever. The sawblade cannot be displaced.

MAFELL CUnex W1 precision sawblade
The CUnex W1 consists of two sawblades that are soldered together. The blade’s strength and wedge shape ensure precise and square sawing, even when cutting curves. (Suitable for use only with the P1 cc.)

Enhanced precision
Since the P1 cc dispenses with guide jaws, there is no friction capable of heating the blade to a high temperature. Deformed sawblades and blistered fingers after changing the blade are a thing of the past.

4.    More options

Enhanced tear protection
The transparent splinter guard with marking pointer protects surfaces and gives exact guidance when cutting.

F-type guide rails
In combination with the CUnex W1 sawblade and F-type guide rails, the P1 cc allows exact cuts to be executed with unprecedented quality.

The broad range of MAFELL sawblades makes the P1 cc compatible with a vast array of materials. Turn the page for more information.

Strong sole plate
The sole plate of the P1 cc is as sturdy as it looks. By way of a quick-release mechanism, it remains reliably fastened to the saw at an exact right angle. The large surface area makes it easier to work close to corners and edges.

5.    More user-friendly

Tool-less blade changes
To change the sawblade, simply release the locking lever. With just one hand, effortlessly remove the blade and insert the replacement.

Ideal handle positioning
Owing to its ergonomic design, with low center of pressure and soft pads, the P1 cc is comfortable to hold in every situation.

Innovative dust extraction
Thanks to the venturi effect, the vacuum channel integrated in the sole plate guarantees outstanding dust extraction directly alongside the sawblade. The mark is kept free by blowing from one side and extracting the dust on the other.

Oscillating stroke adjustment
The P1 cc offers four oscillating stroke settings and one zero setting. It can be perfectly adjusted, therefore, to suit any material and blade. Smooth starting ensures clean cuts, so that the oscillating motion does not begin until the blade makes contact with the material.

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