Mafell UVA 115E Orbital Sander

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Mafell UVA115E Orbital Sander

  lastest development, the UVA 115 E the Orbital Sander, satisfies all these demands in a single device. As you would expect of an Orbital Sander, the UVA 115 E produces an exceptionally flat surface without any hollows. The criteria we apply to a top-quality sanding system are accordingly high. We seek to combine excellent sanding results with high removal rates and perfect ergonomics.

The  Orbital Sander can perform every type of sanding work on a variety of materials, from wood to metal, and make even large surfaces perfectly smooth with very little effort and power input. These qualitities are especially important in the internal finishing segment, where wood, wood products and gypsum wallboards often require extensive sanding.

For sanding  sanding plastic or painted surfaces, the speed can be electronically adjusted and locked. This option avoids excessive heat and sticking of the sanding paper.

The armature of the  motor is NEW. Together with the NEW sanding pad mounting, it was designed specifically for the needs of the UVA 115 E. This Orbital Sander is also very effectively sealed against dust, which contributes to its long service life.

Soft grip surfaces prevent the user’s hand from slipping. Besides improving safety, they take the fatigue out of working with the UVA 115 E.

The UFB-1 is made of an extremely tear-resistent, anti-static PP nonwoven material. The filter’s high air throughput reduces the residual dust to as little as 3%.

Vibration absorbers effectively isolate the main and auxiliary handles. The emission value measured at the front handle, for example, is 1.9 m/s² – lower than the threshold value of safety standard EN 60745 (2.5 m/s²). As a consequence, compared with other sanders, the UVA 115 E transmits substantially less vibration to the hands and arms.

Clean all-round. Side channels in the sanding pad make dust extraction even more effective. This arrangement complements the extraction that takes place underneath the sanding plate.

The machine is connected to a dust extraction system by way of a standard 35 mm connector.

Vary fine surfaces or high removal rates – in combination with the

appropriate Abranet © abrasive mesh, the UVA is extremely versatile.

 In corners, on edges and wherever access is restricted – but detail and precision

are essential – the Delta sanding pad effortessly ensures perfect results.

Sanding paper easy to change. The MAFELL MAX case accommodates

the UVA 115 E upside-down in a fixed position to facilitate changing.

The mechanical clamp for sanding paper supplied on

rolls fixes the paper exactly so that it cannot sag.


Product features:

  • With vibration absorber
  • High built-in extraction afficiency
  • With Delta sanding function

Application area

  • Sanding work
  • Coarse and fine sanding
  • Sanding between coats
  • Curved and flat surfaces
  • Compatible materials include solid wood and paint

Technical Data

  • Nominal power input: 450 W
  • Sanding area: 115 x 230 mm
  • Sanding stroke: 2,6 mm
  • Nominal No. of strokes – no load: 4000 – 24000 H/min
  • Weight 2,7 kg
  • Universal motor: 240v / 50 Hz



  • 1 Universal filter bag UFB-1
  • 1 Sanding pad Delta 105 for quick-fit sanding paper
  • 1 Set of Abranet® abrasive mesh strips: 1 x P 60 / P 80 / P 100 / P 120 / P 150 / P 180 / P 240 / P 320, 1 Sheet of abrasive mesh Abranet® Delta 105, P 120, 1 Interface pad UVA-SA 10 (10 x holes), 115 x 230 mm, 1 Interface pad UVA-SA Delta 105
  • 1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft)



Additional information

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Dimensions 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 cm


Sanding Disc SIze

Sanding Stroke

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