Alcolin Fast Set PVA Wood Glue, 250ml

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Alcolin Fast Set PVA Wood Glue, 250ml


For those in a hurry, the Fast Set PVA glue is the one to choose. The clamping time is typically half that of traditional PVA glue, without compromising the strength when set. Alcolin Fast Set also has the added benefit of drying clear.

Features and benefits:

Fast setting – reduced clamp time, increases turnaround time

High strength – final bond stronger than wood

Clear drying – non-visible glue line

Versatile – bonds to a variety of porous substrates

Water-based formulation – cleans up with water, non-flammable

Low VOC – non-toxic


Coverage             250ml per m2   

Open working time          Approx. 5 minutes          

Clamping time   1 to 4 hours       

Shelf Life              2 Years (After Opening)


Ideal for indoor furniture, model building, picture framing and craftwork. Suitable for assembly, doweling, laminating, veneering, paper foiling and finger-jointing processes.

ALCOLIN FAST SET WOOD GLUE is a high quality, fast setting polyvinyl acetate (PVA) based wood adhesive. It dries clear to form a tough, non-visible glue-line which is stronger than wood.


Excellent adhesion to hard woods, soft woods and processed boards (hardboard, chipboard, plywood, high pressure laminates), leather, cloth, felt, paper, polystyrene, cardboard, cork and most other porous materials.

Manufactured in South Africa.

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