Charnwood W692 3hp Double Bag Dust Extractor



W692 3hp Double Bag Dust Extractor

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The largest extractor aimed at workshops where extraction is not continuously needed.

Powerful & Quiet 3hp Induction Motor

2 Inlets For Simultaneous Extraction

Quick Action Metal Bag Straps

Transparent Heavy Duty Collection Bag

5 Micron Filter Bag

16amp, 240v Electric Supply Required

Drum Bag Clips to make easy work of changing the collection bag

Rubber Band on the Drum to give a better seal

These more powerful machines give a higher flowrate per hour which allows a longer hose length to be attached or a small system of branches and gates to be fitted around the workshop.

The largest in this range is for users who occasionally need a very high air volume. The two collection bags are filled together so that emptying is required less frequently. It can be used to collect from up to three machines simultaneously or attached to a system of branches and gates to be fitted around the workshop. Maximum recommended total hose length is 10 metres.

Supplied with 5 micron filter bags, transparent collection bags, durable steel fan, NVR switch, rubber wheels, quick release metal straps and 3 way inlet.

A 16amp fixed electric supply is required to run this machine.

Hose is not supplied as standard, our 100mm diameter transparent hose is recommended, sold by the metre.

This machine is intended for Light Trade use which means it has a maximum continuous running time of 2 hours, after which the motor must be rested and left to cool. If you need need a longer duty cycle than this please look at our professional heavy duty range of extractors.


Motor (induction)                                                 2200w (3hp), 240v

Flowrate (cubic metres per hour)                  3000m3/hour

Inlet diameter                                                        1 x 150mm or 3 x 100mm

Collection bag capacity                                      296 Litres

Maximum continuous run time                     2 hours

Dimensions (WxDxH)                                       1560mm x 550mm x 1920mm

Weight                                                                     75kg

Rating                                                                      Light Trade

Warranty                                                                1 Year

EAN Number                                                         5060281690098

 NB 2 x CF2024 are required for this machine to upgrade to 1 micron filter

We also have a large range of accessories available for connecting your dust extractor to the dust producing machinery. Reducers to join the 100mm diameter hose to the smaller diameter outlets usually found on bench top machinery. Hoods to collect dust from machinery with no purpose made collection points.

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Weight 75.00 kg