Charnwood W792CF Professional Dust Extractor 2200w with 1 Micron Cartridge Filters



W792CF Package includes Extractor & 2 x CF2024 Cartridge Filters

The biggest dust extractor in our professional range with two large collection bags to run for longer times between emptying.

Quiet Induction Motor

Up to 8 hours Continual Running

Super Fine 1 mircron Filter

Transparent Collection Bag

Wheels Included For Portability

The high volume of air moved means this unit is capable of extracting from up to three machines simultaneously or through a longer hose system than smaller machines. Hose systems can include branches off to different dust producing machines around the workshop. The maximum recommended hose length between extractor and collection point is 10 metres. There is no limit to the total length of hose used in the network but any unused branches must be capped off or closed using a gate when not in use. 

Supplied with a steel fan, 3 way outlet, four rubber wheels NVR switch and quick release metal straps on all bags. A 16 amp, 240v electric supply is required to run this machine. Hose is not supplied as standard, our 100mm diameter transparent hose is recommended, sold by the metre.


Motor (Induction)                                            2200w (3hp)

Voltage                                                                  240v / 415v

Flowrate (cubic metres per hour)              3000 m3/hour

Inlet Diameters                                                  1 x 150mm or 3 x 100m

Bag Cpacity                                                          2 x 148 Litres

Filtration                                                              1 micron

Dimensions (WxDxH)                                    1560mm x 550mm x 1920mm

Weight                                                                   75 Kg

Rating                                                                    Industrial

Warranty                                                              1 Year

We also have a large range of accessories available for connecting your dust extractor to the dust producing machinery. Reducers to join the 100mm diameter hose to the smaller diameter outlets usually found on bench top machinery. Hoods to collect dust from machinery with no purpose made collection points.

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230V, 415V