Rotarex RX90 Wide Rim Shaping Disc 90mm

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Rotarex RX90 Wide Rim Shaping Disc 90mm

Rotarex carving discs, in combination with an angle grinder, allow woodworkers, woodcarvers and wood artists to free form sculpt and shape wood in any direction with full control.

  • High Carbon Steel Construction

  • Cutting Rasps On the Rim

  • Black Mamba Coating

The RX90 wide Rim Shaping disc is ideal for renovators,
timber framers and general shaping. The wide rim of the disc consists of 38 rows of rasps which allow controlled cutting in a different plane to the standard shaping disc.

Manufactured in Europe from high carbon steel which is vacuum tempered for strength. The surface is treated with the Rotarex Black Mamba coating for extra durability, cooler running and corrosion protection.


Diameter 90mm
Bore 22.2mm
Thickness 20mm
Max. RPM 12200

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