Spirit Stain Kit (Wood Colours)

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The ideal way to experiment with our wood colour range to find the right stain(s) for your job.

Chestnut Spirit Stain Sample Kit (Wood Colours)

The ideal way to experiment with the different colours available to decide which ones you prefer, the Spirit Stain Kit contains one bottle (min. contents 25ml) of each of the twelve wood colours. These are exactly the sameĀ stainĀ as in the bigger bottles and will intermix if you want to vary the shades available.

The stains are very fade resistant, quick drying and non-grain raising.



Typical uses
To colour wood prior to finishing

Method of application
Cloth, brush, spray, foam brush

Drying time
Usually within five minutes

approximately 4-8 sq.m per litre

Use under most products; care should be taken when using under solvent based finishes

Ensure wood is clean and dry before use. All colours can be intermixed or thinned for delicate wash effects.

Spirit Thinners, Cellulose Thinners or Methylated Spirit

Safety Considerations
Highly Flammable (see Safety Data Sheet or warnings on can for full details).

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