Abrasive mesh Sanding Pack


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Abrasive mesh Sanding Pack


Don’t waste time tearing sheets of sandpaper into strips or looking for the grit you need! This convenient dispenser is loaded with five 1″ x 20′ rolls of aluminum oxide mesh abrasive.

Perfect for spindle, pen, or any turning where small strips of abrasive are needed.

Each dispenser pack contains one roll of each grit abrasive. Just pull out and tear off the length of abrasive strip you need.

Mesh abrasives are fast cutting but generate less heat.

They are less prone to clogging and they are double sided too offering twice as much abrasive area as standard abrasive.

The grit sizes of 180, 240, 320, 400 and 600 offer a great range for fine finishing of your work.

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