Arbortech PCH.FG.033 Woodcarver’s Starter Kit


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Arbortech PCH.FG.033 Woodcarver’s Starter Kit

Made specifically to fit the Arbortech Power Chisel, this is a 5 piece set of carefully selected tools suitable for a wide range of projects.

Comprises: 7mm Gouge No.11 Sweep, 7mm Gouge No.8 Sweep, 20mm Gouge No.9 Sweep, 8mm 60° Vee Chisel and 18mm 90° Vee Chisel.


Key Features

  • 7mm Gouge No.11 Sweep

  • 7mm Gouge No.8 Sweep

  • 20mm Gouge No.9 Sweep

  • 8mm 60° Vee Chisel

  • 18mm 90° Vee Chisel

Additional information

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