Record Power 3-Piece HSS Spindle Turning Tool Set


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Record Power 3-Piece HSS Spindle Turning Tool Set



We are proud to introduce the brand new range of turning tools made by Record Power in the UK at our in-house production facility.

This set contains the three essential tools for spindle turning.

  • 1” spindle roughing gouge

  • 3/8” spindle gouge

  • 1/8” parting tool.

These tools are manufactured to a standard that makes them perfect for use by demanding professionals but also at a cost which makes them ideal for the novice turner. Designed in consultation with and tested rigorously by professional woodturners, they represent a new standard in quality and value.

The blades are made of high speed steel to keep their cutting edge longer. The handles of close-grained, stable and heavy beech.

The shape of the handles has been specially designed, based on the requirements of experienced woodturners. This provides a strong and comfortable grip, leaving you free to concentrate on turning.

Record Power’s turning tool manufacturing roots stretch back to the 1980s, when they were made in Record’s Meadow Street factory in Sheffield. We are now proud to be manufacturing them again at our ever-expanding production facility close to our Sheffield roots.

These tools are made using modern CNC machining, laser-cutting and automated polishing, then ground and assembled by hand.

A salt-bath heat treatment ensures the ideal level of hardness. This gives the perfect balance between flexibility and retention of the cutting edge. This combination of techniques ensures that each tool is subject to accurate manufacturing tolerances and careful, rigorous inspection, to ensure their high quality finish and performance.

When you buy a Record Power turning tool you are investing in many years of manufacturing expertise and knowledge from a brand with a rich heritage of woodturning specialization.

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