Record Power WG200-PK/A – 8″ Wet Stone Sharpening System


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WG200-PK/A With Diamond Truing Tool

The WG200 wet stone sharpening machine offers fantastic performance and versatility in a compact and easy to use machine. Included with the machine are a range of essential tools and jigs, not only making this package fantastic value for money but also allowing accurate sharpening straight from the box. A full range of optional jigs and accessories are available which are compatible with the 12 mm bar system of the Record Power WG250 as well as many other brands of grinder. The WG200 features smooth and responsive variable speed, a real bonus for a more compact machine. The torque can also be adjusted, enabling heavier grinding without fear of the stone or honing wheel slipping under pressure.

Adjustable Torque

Some machines rely purely on the weight of the motor to apply drive to the wheel. This can be insufficient for more demanding tasks. The WG200 has adjustable torque so you can easily apply the correct pressure for the job in hand.

Adjustable Torque

Adjustable Speeds from 150 ­ 250 rpm

As the stone wears, its diameter reduces and so in effect the speed of the wheel¹s rotation is increased. On most machines you cannot do anything about this, but with the WG200 you can lower the speed to compensate. In addition, when you want to remove material more quickly you can increase the speed of the stone.

Adjustable Speeds from 150 ­ 250 rpm

Control The Fineness of the Grind

Using the supplied stone grader, the stone can be dressed to provide either a coarse or fine grind.

Control The Fineness of the Grind

Left Hand Nut Thread

To ensure the grinding wheel is held securely with no danger of unwinding.

Left Hand Nut Thread

Accessories Included

• WG250/K Diamond Trueing Tool

• WG250/C Straight Edge Jig

• WG250/P Support Arm

• WG250/R Stone Grader

• WG250/S Honing Compound

• WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge

• WG250/U Angle Finder

Accessories Included


Support Arm Extension:Support Arm Extension

Profiled Leather Strop Wheel:Profiled Leather Strop Wheel

Machine Cover:Machine Cover


Variable Speed:Variable Speed

Adjustable Torque:Adjustable Torque

Leather Honing Wheel:Leather Honing Wheel

Drip Guard:Drip Guard

Integral Storage Tray:Integral Storage Tray


Stone Size:200 x 40 mm

Honing Wheel Size:185 x 30 mm

Speeds:150 – 250 rpm

Motor input P1:0.16 kW

Motor output P2:0.12 kW

Weight:8.5 kg

Size:H225 x W420 x D230 mm

Additional information

Weight 8.50000000 kg
Dimensions 28.50000000 × 47.00000000 × 32.00000000 cm

Wheel Size



Dimensions L x W x H

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