Shogun 265mm Universal Hassunme Saw


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Shogun 265mm Universal Hassunme Saw

The Hassunme is a backless style of Japanese pull saw designed for deep cuts all the way through a material. It can be used with deep timber sections or sheet materials.

The Shogun OK265RC is a fantastic Hassunme saw with special universal toothed blade making it capable of Rip, Cross and angle cuts in all types of timber including man made boards. You can rip down an 8′ x 4′ board with this saw.

The blade has 12tpi toothing with periodic pairs of rip teeth that act as rakers. The result is highly efficient waste clearance which helps keep the cut on track.

The finish is slightly more coarse than some of our Japanese saws, but with a combination of speed and accuracy it is a fantastic all rounder.

The blade fixes to a traditional rattan wrapped Paulownia wooden handle that offers fantastic control.

It can be paired with OK265 Cross Cut Saw, to handle all eventualities.

OK265RC Specification

Blade Length      265mm

Blade Thickness (Plate) 0.6mm

Blade Thickness (Kerf)   0.9mm

Toothing              1.75mm (16tpi)

Maximum Cutting Depth              Unlimited

Overall Length   600mm

 All Shogun Japanese saws have superior cutting teeth:

1) 2-step deep teeth for scraping out wood chips to prevent clogging.

2) Precision ground teeth by diamond Borazon wheel to sharpen the teeth on 3 sides.

3) Electrical-pulse hardened teeth to maintain sharpness up to 3 times longer than conventional saws.

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