Universal Euro Cutter Block – 100mm X 52mm


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Universal Euro Cutter Block – 100mm X 52mm X 30mm Bore


These cutter blocks are suitable for jointing, rebating and profiling with 40mm x 4mm & 50mm x 4mm thick knives and limiters, in soft and hard wood.

All blocks now use limiters, a safety device designed to limit the amount of cut taken by the cutters on each rotation of the block.

They take the form of the cutter with the profile cut slightly below the cutter profile and with the sharp edges removed.

They fit into the slots in the block in front of the main cutters and are secured by the same wedge as the cutters.

Supplied with a pair of rebate knives and limiters ( Profile number 000 ).


We stock the following sizes of blocks, together with a full range range of profile knives and limiters from number 000 to 100.


93 x 40 x 30, or 1 1/4″

120 x 40 x 30, or 1 1/4″

100 x 50 x 30

120 x 50 x 30, or 1 1/4″


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