Wudcare 5 minute PVA Adhesive 5Lt

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Wudcare 5 minute PVA Adhesive 5 Lt

Not just another PVA glue. Under proper working conditions this will give you an initial bond in just 5 minutes and a firm bond in 10.

It is suitable for interior and exterior use and has been creep failure tested to BS4071 to eliminate the problem suffered by many other PVA’s.

In common with other Wudcare products, this glue does what it says on the pack, outperforming others.

If you want a versatile, quick, reliable wood glue look no further.

Recommended for laminating and veneering wood as well as construction joints.

PVA adhesive, suitable for Wood, Cloth and Leather

Interior/exterior use, initial tack time 5-10 minutes

Setting time 4 hour firm bond, 24 hour full cure

  • No formaldehyde added during production

  • As a single component adhesive, no mixing machines are needed

  • Single component adhesives reduce the adhesive waste

  • Lower pressing temperatures results in lower energy costs

  • Lower pressing temperatures are gentle to the material being processed

  • Up to 30% less adhesive application compared to adhesives based on UF

  • Water Resistance requirement BS EN204 – Durability category D3

  • 5 Minute Initial Bond

  • 10 Minute Strong Bond

  • Ideal for Laminating & Veneering

  • BS4071 CreepFailure Tested External / Internal

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