Charnwood W015 Floorstanding Router Table with Sliding Table

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Charnwood W015 Floorstanding Router Table with Sliding Table


Floor standing router table with Sliding carriage

Large Fence, 2 x 460mm x 150mm

Two adjustable vertical hold down feather boards

Adjustable horizontal feather board

Set of four fence shims to allow the outfeed fence to be stepped out up to 4.5mm

Centralising jig to allow the router to be easily lined up in the centre of the aperture

Redesigned universal router clamps to allow removal and refitting of the router in under a minute without losing your settings

Scale mounted in the table for setting the fence

A cast iron router table with a sliding bed. Ideal for cabinet makers and anyone cutting tenons.

Cast Iron Main Table

Hinged Top with Gas Filled Springs

2 Hold Down Feather Boards

Large Aluminium Sliding Table

Fence and Work Clamp for Tenons

70mm Diameter Extraction Outlet

Floorstand With Shelf Included

Optional NVR Switch Available

Our router table will convert any hand held router into a stationary machine offering several advantages such as quicker set up times, improved safety and the ability to use much larger diameter cutters than is possible when working freehand.

W015 is a heavy duty routing table with a strong steel floorstand and a table top of cast iron. The front half of the table is actually a sliding bed and is fitted with a fence and work clamp to make short work of end grain cutting and tenons. This cross cut fence can be fitted anywhere along the length of the table and can also be locked in at 45 degrees.

Secure clamping of the work piece is achieved by setting the 2 fence mounted feather boards, to hold the work down against the table top and the front feather board to hold the work up against the fence. Using this method edge mouldings can safely be cut onto small pieces such as beading or picture frames.

There is also a scale mounted into the table to act as a guide when setting the fence.

The new centralising jig allows you to set your router accurately into the middle of the aperture within seconds. It also holds the router in place whilst you set the clamps underneath the table so you no longer need 2 pairs of hands!

The new design of router clamps is ideal for users who want to regularly remove the router and then refit it without losing the settings, saving time and effort.

For the odd job where the whole face is being removed, a set of shims are supplied that can be added to the outfeed fence to step it out and provide support to the work piece. Four shims are supplied allowing up to a 4.5mm step in 0.5mm increments.

Any sized router can be mounted to this table using the clamping set provided. To give easy access to the router when changing settings the whole table top is hinged and supported by gas filled struts to counteract the heavy weight of the cast iron top.

Supplied with 2 removable insert rings, router mounting clamps and dust extraction outlet 70mm diameter.

Use our reducer 100/63RC to convert for 100mm diameter hose extraction systems.


Table size            790mm x 570mm

Table height       860mm

Table aperture  30mm, 60mm & 100mm

Sliding carriage stroke    900mm

Dimensions (WxDxH)     1020mm x 720mm x 1110mm

Weight 60kg

Assembly Time Required              45 Minutes (Needs 2 People)

Rating   Trade

Warranty             1 Year

Additional information

Weight 0.00 kg
Dimensions 72.00000000 × 102.00000000 × 111.00000000 cm
Table Size

Table Aperture


Overall Dimensions W x D x H

Sliding Carriage Stroke



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