Shogun Japanese 150mm Flush Cut Pull Saw


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Shogun Japanese 150mm Flush Cut Pull Saw


The Shogun FL150 flush cut pull saw features a 150mm long ultra thin flexible blade with no set.

Specifically designed for the flush trimming of wooden dowels and plugs without the risk of scratching the surrounding surface.

The highly flexible blade allows access into tight corners.

A wooden handle provides a comfortable grip.

Woodturners use these saws as an alternative parting tool.


FL150 Specification


Overall Length   240mm

Blade Length      150mm

Blade Thickness                0.5mm

Kerf       0.5mm

Tooth Spacing    1.2mm (21tpi)

Additional information

Weight 0.50000000 kg
Dimensions 15.00000000 × 0.00000000 × 0.00000000 cm

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